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University of Wisconsin-Marinette

Introduction to Modern Shipbuilding

This 18-hour course explores the factors influencing shipyward production and design: shipyard safety, industry terminology, marine materials & standards, vessel types & designs, regulatory bodies, and a wide range of shipbuilding concepts, including throw directions, ships systems and SWBS.

Course Overview

The learner will gain an understanding of each of the following areas:

  • Part 1 - Introduction, including discussion of different types of ships and their various applications. A brief history of shipbuilding and topics in shipyard safety are also addressed. Shipbuilding terminology and major ship drawings are presented. The process of designing and building a ship is discussed, as are ship materials and maintenance.
  • Part 2 - Ship structures and structural terminology are addressed. Forces affecting a ship are discussed, as well as maritime laws and regulatory bodies. Various ship equipment is presented including an overview of vessel propulsion and shipboard electrical installations.
  • Part 3 – Discussions on vessel stability, hydrostatics, and launching.

The course introduces the learner to commonly used classification and regulatory bodies, common standards, parts and naming conventions, and traditional ship design stages. Resources are all digitized.

The course is focused on production output, and the learner will gain a clear understanding of various Build Strategies, production drawings and part- naming conventions.

Facilitator: Jason Flatt

Flatt is a naval architect at Marinette Marine Corporation in Marinette, Wisconsin. He earned his B.S. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and his M.S. in Ocean Technology and Commerce from the Webb Institute of Naval Architecture.

Computer requirements:

  • Network Connect: DSL or Broadband. Dial up will not work.

Course Prerequisites

  • High School Diploma or GED

Course Delivery

This course is available from anywhere in the world. It is delivered through UW-Marinette's live streaming video and the online delivery platform, Desire2Learn. Students need only high-speed internet capabilities. No software purchase is necessry, as students will access the software remotely from UW-Marninette.

Course Credit Options

Introduction to Modern Shipbuilding is offered as a certificate program through UW-Marinette or as a 1-credit course toward approved Associate Degree programs with NWTC.


Ship Knowledge: Ship Design, Construction, and Operation by Klaas Van Dokkum. 4th or 5th ed. ISBN: 978-90-71500-10-7

Text must be purchased online at Pilothouse Charts or 1-800-407-4568

Klaas van Dokkum, 2007. Ship Knowledge - Ship Design, Construction and Operation. Enkhuizen, The Netherlands: DOKMAR. ISBN: 978-90-71500-10-7


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